Atelier Magnus:
EST: 2016
Modders: Kelvin Ong & Kelvin Tan
Product: Mods
Released: Ghost, Wraith, Phantom and Shadow
Atelier Magnus is a high level mods maker from Penang Malaysia.
You can recognize their mods for their unique designs.
They bring great innovations with the Halo connector system which allows you to swap and adjust your favorite atomisers. Halo adapters available in various sizes to fit your favorite atomisers as well.
Unparalleled wood work in which no compromises of quality and craftsmanship are made. Wood selection is done amongst the best wood providers. The final finish is achieved painstakingly by the meticulous sanding, polishing and coating of the wood. Exhibiting the dazzling colors and graceful lines of the block chosen for each mod.
Collectors and enthusiasts can safely admit that Magnus is one of the highest quality mods you can find on the market. Always a part of the conversation when discussing luxury products.
PBV is proud to collaborate with Atelier Magnus.


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