Stellar Mods
Est.: 2018
Modder: Jb Jean Baptiste Polo
Products: atomizers and mod
Released: S-atty, S-tank, Supernova, Sci-fi
Maybe one of the most productive brand around, 4 projects released within two years. The S-atty arrived on the market like a UFO. Many users are conquered with the flavor they can get from this little rda. This success didn’t make Jb sleep and he successively released a tank and a mod, S-tank and Supernova.
Stellar mod build a solid reputation with S-atty and fast releases and never forgot to improve conception and manufacturing quality with his new rda, the Sci-fi. I’m pretty sure he still have something running in his mind, we’ll see...
PBV is particularly proud of this partnership and looking forward for new products from Stellar Mods.


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